Michael Santiago is a seasoned writer and editor with over ten years of experience across diverse industries. He joined in 2023 as a senior financial editor, where he coordinates with a panel of experts to create accurate and captivating content.

Michael earned his bachelor’s in both media and communications/global studies from the University of Washington. While attending university, Michael worked as a writing assistant for the local community college, where he assisted students in writing and editing for a wide range of subjects.

During his career, Michael has written and edited for diverse industries ranging from health care to education to travel. Prior to joining, Michael served as managing editor for a literary journal based in Portland, Oregon, while co-hosting an affiliated podcast. Under his leadership, he ideated, developed, wrote and edited multiple submissions to the literary journal.

He also served as a grant writer in the health care industry, where his work accrued millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure and scope of services for federally qualified health care centers (FQHCs) across the East Coast.

While writing and editorial endeavors are his passion, he also uses that passion to create change in the world. His other experience includes writing for The Borgen Project on articles covering global poverty, health care and technology; while also spearheading search optimization, lobbying and campaign outreach efforts to support the nonprofit’s mission and goals. His outreach efforts and writing helped Michael secure his quarterly funding goal for The Borgen Project in a week.