Our Audience

With millions of page views and unique users across multiple demographics, Annuity.org has seen consistent growth since it debuted a decade ago.

2.8 Million

2022 Total Unique Users

4.15 Million

2022 Total Page Views

80% Growth

YoY, 2021-2022

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Our Business Model

Annuity.org prefers partnerships on a performance model rather than advertisers. These partnerships allow us to prioritize relevant, value-added offers for our users.

These include cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-lead (CPL) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns.

Quality partnerships also allow us to create quality content. Our team works diligently and strategically to provide visitors with unbiased, dependable information that helps guide them through each stage of the customer journey. While we strive to educate users by simplifying complex subject matters into digestible content, our end goal is to create qualified annuity leads for our trustworthy partners and ensure our users get the help they are seeking.

Our Verticals

Originally focused solely on the secondary annuity market, when the site started in 2014, Annuity.org has since expanded its footprint into the primary sale of annuities for retirement, as well as personal finance.


Annuity.org has a strong history of lead generation resulting in millions of dollars in premiums issued by our partners annually.

And with consistent user growth since 2013, our annuity vertical consistently ranks at or near the top of Page 1 in searches for the most frequently used annuity search terms.

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Find Us on Google for Terms Like:

  • annuity
  • annuity definition
  • annuity rates
  • what is an annuity
  • fixed annuity
  • variable annuity
  • single premium immediate annuity
  • what does myga stand for
  • guaranteed annuity rates
  • how do annuities work
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Structured Settlements: Selling Annuity Payments

Our structured settlements vertical provides detailed resources for users looking for options and information about how and where to sell their structured settlement payments.

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Find Us on Google for Terms Like:

  • structured settlement
  • sell my structured settlement
  • selling my structured settlement
  • structured settlement purchase
  • purchase structured settlement
  • selling structured settlement payment
  • structured settlement sale
  • structured settlement payout
  • sell your structured settlement
  • structured settlement loans
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Personal Finance

Personal finance is Annuity.org’s newest vertical — with wide-ranging information aimed at consumers. Added in 2021, it has shown rapid user growth.

Areas of focus include banking, investing, taxes and wealth management.

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Find Us on Google for Terms Like:

  • financial wellness
  • oasdi tax
  • investing for beginners
  • average retirement income
  • what are I bonds
  • I bonds explained
  • tax sheltered
  • average credit card debt
  • how much is a billion dollars
  • oasdi
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Please seek the advice of a qualified professional before making financial decisions.